Indian Numerology is based on the vibratory resonance of numbers. Each number, as calculated from your birth date or name has a very specific vibration that reveals particular characteristics and human traits. These numbers allow you to reveal important information about your character and destiny, about opportunities that will come along and about challenges you might have to face during your lifetime. Indian numerology also provides guidance for the strong and weak periods in your life. It can advice you on the colors you should wear or on meditations that would best suit you.
  • Numerology principally gives information about numbers.
  • From number 1 to 9, what are their powers and what are their effects on our lives.
  • The study of numerology is as old as human history.
  • It is said that in India, Egypt and china, this method or scientific system of numerology wad used in ancient civilization.
  • Languages keep changing in the world, but numerology does not change anywhere.
  • Science & astrology is based on numerology.
  • Every number has its own importance.
  • Each number gives us the details of our life and also tells us about what is happening around the world, which is considered to be the one of finest experience.

What Can Be Known Through Numerology :-

  • Life depth can be known.
  • We can develop and explore our energies and strength.
  • We can put an END to our weakness.
  • We can find out our hidden talents, qualities and also can develop, expose and explore them.
  • Can know our and others present.
  • Can know our and others future and improve them.
  • How to make most successful married life?
  • Land- estate which house or shop is good.
  • Relation love compatibility is known.
  • Positive traits & negative traits are known from indication as per birth dates.
  • Lucky numbers, lucky dates, lucky days, lucky colors, lucky years, lucky stone, best period, best business, job, best direction and best direction can be known through NUMEROLOGY.


  • Lucky no is such a no which gives advantage in all areas of our life.
  • Four no’s are joint in a person’s life.

(1) Life peth number.

(2) Life expression number.

(3) Heart desire number.

(4) Birth date number.

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