Reiki 1st Degree

Opening the crown, Ajna, Vishudha and Anahatha chakras, empower the student to heal self and others. Self healing after attunement raises the vibrations of life force energy enables the body to channelize the healing energy & body gradually gets rid of negative energy. All physical diseases can be healed.

For six hours for 2 days.This work shop is of 12 hours divided in two days. Use of reiki on human, creatures, machineries, vegetable and fruits, books, medicines and pet & animals.

Detail Discussion on 5 principal of reiki :

1. Anger Control

2. Stress Control

3. Work obedience

4. Gratitude

5. Love & compassion

Reiki group circle & much more.

Interested in Reiki 1st Degree?

Free Meditation & Follow-Up Meeting

Wednesday @NADIAD Center
From 6 PM to 7 PM

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