Reiki 2nd Degree

Students are initiated once again and are taught traditional and nontraditional symbols.Symbols are sacred tools which enhance the healing energy. Healing Karma, distant healing, non healing use of symbols (energizing machineries, establishment, Personality development, etc.,) are taught. Opening third eye enhances the psychic power, which makes distant healing possible.

Uses of 2nd reiki

  • This work shop is a six hours for 2 days
  • Development of mind power, third eye power, intuition power, telepathy power, fulfillment of materialistic needs and dreams.
  • Sky reiki for unbelievable and prompt result, lottery reiki, golden wish box reiki, protection shield.
  • Karma pitra dosh & planet effect reiki.
  • Reiki for removing Negative belief.
  • Golden ball meditation-an extra-ordinary chakra cleansing meditation.
  • Photo-session exercise - get rid of negative emotions blocks and barriers of past life.

Interested in Reiki 2nd Degree?

Free Meditation & Follow-Up Meeting

Wednesday @NADIAD Center
From 6 PM to 7 PM

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