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Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is a pseudoscientific alternative medicine technique that employs stones and crystals. Adherents of the technique claim that these have healing powers, although there is no scientific basis for this claim.
The healing properties of crystals and gemstones are not a replacement for professional medical care and advice. I do not take responsibility for the effectiveness of crystal healing and do not claim to be a therapist or medical doctor.

Crystal Healing

Terms and Conditions

Chirag Parikh is a Certified Crystal Healer, not a licensed health care provider. The information on this web site (Chirag Crystal is not medical or psychological advice and is not meant to diagnose or treat. Clients must take complete responsibility for their decision to undergo Crystal Healing, and for their own physical and emotional well-being. Chirag Parikh does not recommend that you stop using any prescribed medicine or other therapy that you may be using without consulting your physical and/or mental health care provider. Crystal Healing is not meant to replace care from physicians, psychologists and other government licensed health care providers. You should consult with your health care provider regarding your use of crystals and stones.
Crystal Healing can work alongside traditional healthcare offerings, and as a complement to medical treatment. In the context of this website, illness is a disease -- the final manifestation of spiritual, environmental, psychological, karmic, emotional or mental imbalance or distress. Healing means bringing mind, body and spirit back into balance. It does not imply a cure.
Privacy: Your information is never shared with third parties. Privacy and confidentiality is taken very seriously. All sessions are kept confidential, unless Chirag feels the client may be in danger of hurting themselves or others. In such instance, the proper authorities will be contacted.

Purchase Order: Terms and Conditions

01. Payments

Immediate Payment is required on all orders placed through Chirag Crystal Every order that is placed will automatically adjust our stock levels. We accept only Bank Transfer or Paytm as payment mode.

02. Order Cancellation

The Chirag Crystal does not offer refunds for orders once they have been paid for, except in the case where goods may be damaged or faulty.

03. General

No order will be deemed to constitute a contract of sale irrespective of the manner of its transmission to the seller, until the goods are dispatched by the seller.

04. Delivery

Orders will normally be dispatched the next working day of ordering, however please allow up to 10-15 working days for receipt of delivery. The Seller shall not be held liable for any losses, expenses or consequential loss incurred by the Buyer or any other person or company however arising whether directly or indirectly out of a failure to meet an estimated delivery date.

05. Returns

All goods supplied by Chirag Crystal will leave our premises without any damage or defects. Damaged goods will be refunded after satisfactory investigation. Notification of damaged, wrongly dispatched goods or incomplete orders must be made within 7 days of receipt, after which time Chirag Crystal holds no responsibility. Chirag Crystal will refund the cost of returning damaged goods only after receipt and inspection of the goods. The buyer will be responsible for the cost of returns on unwanted items and a full refund of the goods will only be made upon inspection.

06. Disclaimer

Product descriptions should be used as a guide only. Chirag Crystal does not guarantee any products ability to cure illness and do not advocate the use of any product shown as a substitute for standard medical practice. If you have any concerns please consult your Doctor. Chirag Crystal cannot accept liability for injury or negative consequence of using the products it sells.

07. Acceptance of Terms

By placing an order with Chirag Crystal you are agreeing to be bound by our terms and conditions. This does not affect your statutory rights as a customer.

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